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invited to the feast

November 19, 2013

Indians have a special recipe that we share among ourselves. It is a recipe for dog head stew. The recipe makes enough for fifty people.

Carefully prepare one medium-size dog head. Remove teeth from jaw and bone and set aside for further use. Remove the hair and save it too.

Into kettle add heaping handfuls of camos bulbs and cattail roots. The eggs from two medium-size salmon may be combined with water. Cover, place over fire, and bring to a slow boil for three hours.

It is customary to observe the rites of preparation in order to have all present appreciate the dish that will begin the feast. At the proper moment, using the ceremonial arrow, impale the dog head and bring it forth for all to observe the excellence of the dish.

Then allow fifteen minutes for all white people to excuse themselves and leave for home.

Bury stew in the backyard and bring forth the roasted turkey with all the trimmings. In this way, a fifteen pound turkey will do. The others have been invited to the feast. The fact that they didn’t stay is their own tough luck…

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