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how to say what we must say when they we must say it to say conveyed reftel points

August 2, 2013

Softly something of that which we embrace say from st. francis’ flowers

Consequently he knew how to provide the best remedy for all by humbling the proud and exalting the humble and by blaming vices and praising virtues, as we read in the wonderful revelations which he had concerning that first family of his.

For once to record only one instance among many

Or do we spew our Paine and scream

As you have already made your exit from the moral world, and by numberless acts both of passionate and deliberate injustice engraved an “Here Lyeth” on your deceased Honor, it must be more affectation in you to pretend concern at the humors or opinions of mankind respecting you.  What remains of you may expire at any time. The sooner the better.

A conduct so basely mean in public character is without precedent or pretence, Every nation on earth, whether friends or enemies, will unite in despising you. “Tis an incendiary war upon society which nothing can excuse or palliate–An improvement upon beggarly villainy–and shews an inbred wretchedness of heart made up between the venomous malignity of a serpent and the spiteful imbecility of an inferior reptile.

and whats a reftel point and how conveyed